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“A” Type Layer Cage System

We Manufacture and supply  tailors solutions for“A”type layer cage system, including auto-feeding system,auto-drinking system and auto-manure removal system,ventilation and control system.


■ Reasonable design of bottom screen, lower egg breaking rate.

■ The feed trolley has a feeding balancing device to ensure uniform feeding.

■ Reasonable cage height design between two tiers leading to good ventilation ,lighting and preventing from disease infection.

■ Egg collector and conveying belt with guiding device to effectively reduce the egg breaking rate.

■ Scraper for cleaning manure with long service life.

■ Cleaning and easy maintenance for scraper.

■ The key components are of international well-know brands leading to stably runing.

■ Advanced automatic operation system, saving labor cost .Unmanned management of environmental control system  leading to safety and stability.

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