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+91 94386 31976

Galvanized Fan & FRP Fan


ModelBlade Diameter/inchesFrequency/HzCurrent/AInput Power/KwVoltage/VRotational Speed(r/min)Size/mmType
HL-FGB138050”502.81.13804601375x1375x450Box Type
HL-FGB100036”501.20.43807101000x1000x450Box Type
HL-FGC138050”502.81.13804601375x1375x1270Cone Type
HL-FGB1000VFD36”50Variable0.4380Variable1000x1000x450Box TypeVFD


■ High quality Galvanized sheet steel with a minimum of thickness 275g/m² to ensure corrosion resistance and longevity.
■ Six Blade stainless steel fan giving a high air volume moved with low noise and vibration.
■ The Pulley is made from Aluminum Manganese alloy giving high strength to weight ratio.
■ The Cone is designed for optimal air movement and fan efficiency.
■ All fans have been thoroughly test prior to installation.
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