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Steel Structure Poultry House


Model Size/mColumn distanceRoof sheet/thk. Celling sheet /thk. 
FRSS-12012P120x12x2.53m(C-chanel)   4m(Square steel) v840    0.35mmv840    0.35mm
FRSS-12015P120x15x2.53m(C-chanel)   4m(Square steel) v840    0.35mm v840    0.35mm
FRSS-12012E120x12x2.53m(C-chanel)   4m(Square steel) v840    0.35mm v840    0.35mm
FRSS12015E120x15x2.53m(C-chanel)   4m(Square steel) v840    0.35mm v840    0.35mm
CRSS-12013120x13x4.53m(C-chanel)   4m(Square steel) v840    0.35mm v840    0.35mm
CRSS-10012100x12x3.73m(C-chanel)   4m(Square steel) v840    0.35mm v840    0.35mm



■ Hot galvanizing material, high corrosion resistance.
■ Glass wool insulation material, good heat insulation.
■ Design as local climate conditions,and strictly in accordance with the standard to ensure the strength of the steel structure.
■ All of the steel comes from China’s top 3 steel factories with high quality and  corrosion resistance.
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