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Steel Structure House

Steel structure house is one of the best device for swine farm.The steel stucture is one very important part to good ventilation system and swine growth. Huali Co.,ltd professional tailor solution for steel structure, including beam,purling,truss,roof sheet, ceiling sheet etc.


ModelSize/mRoof sheet/ThkCelling sheet/ThkUnit/HouseApplicationWind load
HL-SS 70×3170x31x2.4v840, 0.35mmv840, 0.35mm8 rows /houseMating &gestation house
60-250 km/h,
depends on design
HL-SS 60×16.560×16.5×2.4v840, 0.35mmv840, 0.35mm2 Unit /houseFarrwowing /Finisher house
HL-SS 80×3580x35x2.4v840, 0.35mmv840, 0.35mm6-7 unit per houseFarrwowing /Nursery  house



■ Fast fabrication and building.
■ Simpler foundation and lower cost of civil work.
■ Good for opening and fan installation.
■ More sealed and air prove.
■ Long durability and low cost.
■ Better result of ventilation
■ More availability, different structure for different requirement.

Frame/Roofing,Wall & Gables

Purlin, Beam & Truss

■ Light and strong H & C profile. Less weight materials means lower cost.
■ 100% galvanized and 100% fully bolted.
■ Footing system=simple and firm footing system=easy and quick installation.
■ Snow load-no limitation.
■ Wind speed=complete adaptability to any conditions.

Roofing, Wall, Celling & Gables

■ External and internal faces: Galvanized and lacquered profiled steel sheets.
■ Insulation: customized materials
■ Door: insulated various sizes and color available.
■ Windows: double-glazing with Aluminum or PVC frame

Insulation Material ( Glass wool,Rock wool & EPS )

Glass wool,Rock wool&EPS Technical Specifications:


Coefficient of thermal conductivityW/m.k≤0.04≥0.04≤0.04
Compressive strengthkg/cm²≥120≥150≥150
Water absorptionV/V, 24hr, %≤3.9≤3.9≤0.118
Fire retardanceOxygen indexA2 GradeA GradeB2 Grade


Glass wool,Rock wool&EPS Technical Specifications:


Steel sheet:Up/bottom 0.4-0.5mm, colored steel plate, pained and galvanized
Type:H-style board & match board
Width:match board-950mm,1159mm(Effective width);
 H-style board-1000mm,1200mm(Effective width);
Thickness:match board-40-100mm;
 H-style board-25-100mm;
Length:According to the requirements and transportation terms
Color:According to the requirements (Regular color is White Gray, Navy blue)

Mating & Gestation House(8 rows/house)

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