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Broiler Cage System

Broiler Cage System (Feed Pan Type)

Easy Agrotech  Provides professionally tailors solutions for“H”type broiler cage system, including auto-Pan feeding system,auto-drinking system, Bird transportation  and auto-manure removal system,ventilation and control system., Supported by Huali Co Ltd.

for more details visit the website: http://hualigf.com/en/

Pan Feeding CageTiersSize/(mm)Area/Unit(cm²)Tier Height(mm)Total Cage Height(mm)Capacity


■ Feed capacity : 55-60 birds/pan

■ Diameter:  355mm

■ Center height :220mm

■ Grilles: 18 grilles


■ Meeting requirement of the day-old chick feeding (height :45mm ), preventing the chicken from gathering in the pan dish and feed contamination.

■ Tubular structure prevents chicken entry and avoid feed waste (leakage).

■ Flat head design  for easy  up and down.(lifting range 0-240mm).


■ The screw thread of lifting system is self-locking, and the moving -out chicken device is sufficiently safe without any falling risks.

■ With limit switch at  extreme position ,system can be operated more safely .

■ Special PVC conveyor belt with fiber layer, featured by low shrinkage and high wear- resistance, is less affected by the climate.

■ Chicken moving-out speed:6000-8000 birds/hour.

■ Power: 2.2kw ,IP55


■ Special PVC conveyor belt with fiber layer, featured by low shrinkage and high wear- resistance, is less affected by the climate.

■ Towing roller is adopted for low friction and few damage to the belt.

■ Low ratio of broken chicken wing due to no gap between transition joints.

■ High-quality winch model 1500 is featured by smooth transmission, Flexible Hand-crank .

■ Chicken moving-out speed:6000-8000 birds/hour.

■ Φ8mm steel wire and 45 steel pulley  leading to safety and durability

■ Power: 2.2kw,IP55




■ Ergonomic structure design is comfortable to catch chicken.

■ The round plate has such large space that chicken are not stacked together and have low ratio of broken chicken wing.

■ If the system adopts mesh structure type, it is easy to rinse and didn’t have residual manure.

■ Stainless steel fixed sheet is safe and sturdy.

■ The Round plate diameter:2m/3m.

■ Chicken moving-out speed:6000-8000 birds/hour.

■ Power: 0.75kw ,IP55

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